FairShare farm since 2011

Coulee View Family Farm

Coulee View Pigs

Contact: Kim & Dean Zimmerman

Address: 54247 Valentine Lane, Wauzeka, WI 53826

Phone: (608)874-4144

Email: couleeviewfarm@gmail.com

Website: http://couleeviewfarm.csasignup.com

Coulee View Family Farm is a small family farm nestled in the steep terrain of the Coulee Region of southwestern Wisconsin.  Our farm is a family operation where we all pitch in.  Our animals are either free ranged, day ranged or moved in portable pens.  We do not use routine antibiotics, hormones or appetite stimulants.  We treat our animals respectfully and humanely.

Cornish Cross Broilers are fast growing and processed between six and eight weeks.

Rosambro Broilers are medium growth rate broilers that are processed between eight and ten weeks. They have large breast meat and flavor slightly superior to Cornish.

Red Broilers are slow growth rate broilers processed between ten and twelve weeks. They forage better, grow slower and have a superior taste that our grandparents would recognize as chicken.

Pasture Raised Eggs are from pasture raised hens which results in a healthier, better tasting egg.

Pasture Raised Heritage Turkeys are available in November for your Thanksgiving dinner.  These can be reserved on-line at http://couleeviewfarm.csasignup.com/

Pastured Pork is available as whole, half or quarter hogs and by the cut.
Limited Availability Meats: a limited supply of duck and goose is produced.    These can be reserved on-line at http://couleeviewfarm.csasignup.com/

Potential Future Offering: include Chevron (goat), Pheasant, and Guinea Hen.

Coulee View Family Farm’s meat CSA is available in full, half, or quarter shares for 6 or 12 months duration, and can be joined at any time of the year.  Our meat CSA shares are delivered once per month.  Shares usually contain frozen meat, but occasionally will contain fresh, never frozen whole chicken.  Shares can be paid in full up front or they can be paid monthly with an initial deposit.  One-time sample CSA shares are also available for purchase.  Please visit our on-line sign up at http://couleeviewfarm.csasignup.com/   or our CSA blog at http://couleeviewfarmcsa.blogspot.com/


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