FairShare farm since 2004

Dreamfarm LLC


Contact: Diana and James Murphy

Address: 8877 Table Bluff Road, Cross Plains, WI 53528

Phone: (608)767-3442

Email: diana@dreamfarm.biz

Website: http://www.dreamfarm.biz

Dreamfarm was established in August 2002. What started as a dream became a reality as we worked to bring this faded farm back to life. Barns were squared up and reinforced, then given new roofs and siding. Pastures were fenced and filled with animals, fields were planted in alfalfa. Our milking facility was licensed by the state, and the following year the cheeserie (farmstead cheesemaking facility). With each season we continue to grow and make improvements.

We are certified organic through MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association), and have been a member of FairShare CSA Coalition since 2004.

Dreamfarm is a farmstead goat cheese operation. We milk 26-30 dairy goats, in a variety of breeds. In addition to our goats, laying hens, pigs, steers, and Jacob Sheep are important livestock on the farm. Our chickens are raised in portable “hoop houses” on pasture. Their homes are moved throughout the season to provide new pasture for grazing grasses and weeds and to scratch for worms and insects. Pastures allow the chickens to preen and lie down in the warmth of the sun with room to spread their wings. We supplement their diets with organic grain. You can taste the difference in the very yellow yolks and firm whites.

We raise 3 to 6 steers to keep pastures from becoming overgrown. They are grass fed, which develops a healthier, more sustainable meat. Each spring we purchase 6 young piglets. They spend their life on pasture and get the added benefit of whey from our cheese making. This produces a tasty and healthy pork product. Beef and pork are available for sale in the fall.

We also raise primitive Jacob Sheep, a majestic multi-horned breed. They are sheared in the spring and their wool is spun into natural colored yarn. We are helping to conserve this heritage breed.

Our dog Oliver is proud to guard the farm and our cats offer companionship and barn predator control.

Springtime on the farm is exciting and busy. The does (mother goats) have their babies in March. This is when milk production begins and leads to the seasonal production of our cheese. The sheep also lamb at this time and the chicks that we brood through the winter get moved to their summer pastures and begin to lay eggs.

Farmstead cheese is made in our licensed “cheeserie” from the milk of our goats and milking cow. We strive to maintain a pure, satisfying cheese that can be pared with vegetables, fruits and eggs from our wonderful area farms. Fresh style chevre is made two to three times a week. We offer this cheese in a variety of flavors: Plain, Garlic, Garlic Dill, Herbes de Provence, Italian Blend and seasonal varieties. Through- out the season we also craft Feta, Rosebud (a small 3 oz. firm, fresh cheese), Rosebud with Ash, Rose Blossom (has a bloomy rind), Rose Memories (marinated in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, oregano and chili pepper), and a limited quantity of aged, naturalrind cheeses. We have added a Jersey cow to our herd this year and are offering some mixed style cheeses as well as a fresh mozzarella.

We offer our cheese shares with Vermont Valley Community Farm produce shares to coincide with their delivery dates and pick-up sites. Join us for our farm day in summer, we are located about 15 minutes from Madison’s westside.


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