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Scotch Hill Farm

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Contact: Tony & Dela Ends

Address: 910 Scotch Hill Rd. Brodhead WI 53520

Phone: (608)897-4288

Email: dela@scotchhillfarm.com, tony@scotchhillfarm.com

Website: http://www.scotchhillfarm.com/

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Scotch Hill Farm is a small diversified family farm with certified organic crops in Southern Wisconsin. We have operated a CSA since 1994. The farm offers standard & large 20-week subscriptions, fall shares and flower shares. The farm has approximately 10 acres in certified organic vegetables and 30 acres in field crop production. Weekly newsletters tell members what’s in the share box, food for thought, farm happenings, recipes and reminders of farm events. A seasonal calendar of events plus much, much more will be posted on the farm website www.scotchhillfarm.com . We have a farm Facebook page too.

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Our farm includes a small dairy goat herd, flock of sheep, poultry and a couple pigs each summer. Farm animals are integrated into farm production for soil fertility and to supplement primary income from crops. We have worked to help preserve heritage breeds of domesticated farm animals and to coach and mentor animal husbandry through 4-H programs, county and state fair exhibition, as well as  field days & workshops for 20 years. Many seasons farm apprentices have spent the summer at Scotch Hill Farm learning organic growing skills and the basic of CSA operation. Children of all ages enjoy visiting the farm animals, exploring the gardens and learning how everything works together to contribute to our farm.


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Since 1998, we’ve added value to our goat milk by making soap and other natural ingredient skin care products. Our farmstead soap-making has been the focus of three USDA Small Business Innovation Research Grant projects. we are currently working to finish a second SARE research project integrating native prairie grass mulch into our organic vegetable crops.

SARE mulch study

SARE mulch study



Farmers Tony & Dela have had several opportunities to travel to Africa with the Farmer to Farmer training program to teach.  Farming is a challenging lifestyle and we are committed to helping others who want to farm. Our CSA members commitment to our farm helps make it possible for us to sustain our farm and to help teach others both at home and abroad.  The health of all people and our planet depends on sustainable agricultural practices everywhere. by participating in CSA you are helping make the world a better place.

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Of course, there are many learning opportunities for our members as well. We invite members to join monthly on farm work days in the gardens. Cooking classes, home cheese making, and a canning day are offered for interested members. Every farm event includes time to socialize and enjoy food & drink together.  We encourage our members to be involved in our farm and to really know where your food comes from.

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Our farm has always been a labor of love, a great place to raise our children, a gift we have enjoyed sharing with farm members.

Farm pick up shares are discounted. Payment options can be arranged to help your budget.


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