FairShare farm since 2002

Troy Community Farm

152 (300x220)

Contact: Jake Hoeksema

Address: 502 Troy Drive, Madison, WI 53704

Phone: 608-213-5309

Email: Jake@troygardens.org

Website: www.communitygroundworks.org/troyfarm

We have been growing certified organic food on Madison’s northside since 2001, and we are proud to be the city’s first urban farm.  Our production focus is on intensive hand-scale techniques that make the most of limited urban spaces.  We also emphasize reduced fossil fuel inputs by growing starts in our passive solar greenhouse, cultivating only with wheel hoes and hand hoes, and using carefully managed cover crops, mulch, and crop rotations to improve soil productivity. In addition to growing vegetables, herbs, and sprouts for our CSA and for local groceries and restaurants, we also strive to grow future farmers though our internship, worker share, and volunteer programs.

Since we are right in Madison, most of our members visit our farm-stand-style pick-up at Troy Gardens each Thursday evening. They talk with the farmers, choose their own vegetables from the harvest, take a newsletter, and pick their own flowers and herbs from the CSA garden.  For members who do not live near the farm, we also have two traditional pickup sites, one at MATC and one on the Westside.  To learn more, see photos of our shares from the past seven seasons, and read our weekly newsletters, please visit our website.  The website will also introduce you to other unique aspects of our farm including our connection with Community GroundWorks and the many other programs that take place at Troy Gardens.



We are a non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin that supports and connects Community Supported Agriculture farmers and eaters.

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The Coalition and area Health Plan partners encourage healthier diets and a healthier Wisconsin through fresh, local produce on our tables.

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