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Aurora from Keewaydin Family Farm sneaks cherry tomatoes.

Partner Shares Update as of September 20, 2017:

The Partner Shares program still has funds available for Dane County residents (our non-Dane County funds have been depleted). The following share options are available at this time:

Storage or Winter Shares 

**Note: When searching for a farm that has Storage/Winter Shares available while using our search form, be sure to only select either “Fall/Winter” or “Storage/Holiday” in the Share Types options. See below:


TIP: Check our pickup locations map to make sure you’ll be able to get to your share! This will help you find a farm that works for you and your location.



The application is made available January 15 each year.   Requests for Partner Shares funding assistance are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are not reviewed until all forms (Partner Share Application & CSA Farm Sign-Up Form) and deposits ($25 initial deposit) have been received.  

One of the original goals of the FairShare CSA Coalition was to work to make CSA affordable to everyone. We work to make sure our farmers get paid a fair price for their work, but also to make sure everyone can enjoy the health and social benefits of being a member of a CSA farm.

FairShare has initiated two programs, the Partner Shares Program and the CSA Healthy Rebates Program, that help keep CSA affordable for everyone, while still providing a fair price to the farmer.

Partner Shares Program

FairShare’s Partner Shares Program began in 1993, just a year after the coalition was formed and continually works to improve access of fresh, organic vegetables. The Partner Shares Program provides financial and educational assistance to limited-income households to purchase CSA vegetable shares from endorsed CSA farms.  We are also eligible to accept SNAP benefits or your Quest card for payment for your CSA share through the Partner Shares Program.

CSA Healthy Rebate Program

The CSA Healthy Rebate Program formed out of a partnership between FairShare (then MACSAC) and Physicians Plus in 2006. Health insurance providers are recognizing and rewarding their members for proactive healthy choices, one being eating a healthy diet full of fresh vegetables. Now the Coalition has several Health Plan Partners that are providing cash rebates to their members for purchasing CSA vegetable shares from a Coalition farm.

We believe everyone has a right to fresh, nutritious, locally sourced food!   The Partner Shares program makes joining a CSA farm more affordable for everyone. We believe that farmers should receive a fair price for their produce, but for some of us, the cost of making a single payment in the spring is too much.


This is an example of bountiful CSA delivery in early October from Crossroads Community Farm.

How it Works

Partner Shares is a cost-sharing program that provides financial assistance to limited-income households for purchasing CSA vegetable shares. For eligible households, FairShare will contribute 50%, up to $300, toward the cost of shares from FairShare-endorsed CSA farms. Only on-farm produced shares are eligible. The participants take on the responsibilities of being a good CSA member of the farm of their choice, and work with FairShare to complete an affordable payment plan for the remaining cost of their share. Assistance funds and availability of CSA shares are limited.  We recommend applicants complete and submit their Partner Shares application as soon as possible as the program typically fills up by mid-March each year. Any interested households are encouraged to contact us to check on availability throughout the year. Requests for Partner Shares funding assistance are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

FairShare accepts SNAP Benefits!

Partner Shares can process your SNAP (Quest, EBT, Food Share, or food stamp) benefits to pay for your CSA farm membership. See all payment options.


FairShare CSA Coalition relies on individual donations, grants, and fundraisers through local events such as Bike the Barns, in order to offer this cost-sharing opportunity to our community. In 2016, we assisted more than 180 households through Partner Shares, and hope to continue supporting more families in the future.


For more information about Partner Shares, please call (608) 226-0300 or email

Printable Materials

2017 Partner Shares Application 


FairShare is a proud member of Wholesome Wave National Nutrition Incentive Network:


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