Due to limited staff time and a high number of applications, it may take us a few weeks to fully process your application (2-3 weeks).  Please call the office at (608) 226-0300 if you have any questions & let our staff know it is regarding the Partner Shares program.

1. What are the steps to have a complete application?

a. Complete the Partner Shares application form (either online or print & mail to the FairShare office).

b. Mail a $25 initial payment check (payable to FairShare CSA Coalition) to the FairShare office. The deposit will be applied to your co-payment amount. (The $25 initial payment can be paid with cash, check or money order. Please note, if you pay by check, your check will not be deposited until March or April).

c. Mail or email your farm sign-up form to the FairShare office. (Both the farm and FairShare need a copy of this form).

d. Once FairShare receives items a, b, and c, we will send you a letter indicating the amount of assistance you will receive and your amount due.

e. All your payments (single check, post-dated checks or SNAP vouchers) are due to FairShare before your farm sign-up will be completed.

f. Once all your payments are received, FairShare will mail the full payment to the farm along with your farm sign-up form.

2. I submitted an application – what happens next?

A FairShare Staff member or intern will follow-up you to confirm that we received your application and to let you know the next steps, which include:

  • Additional application materials needed
  • Farm sign-up form
  • Initial $25 payment (to hold your spot)

3. Do I send FairShare the farm’s CSA application or do I send it directly to the farm?

Mail or email your farm sign-up form to both the farm and to FairShare. Then, fill out your Partner Shares application and mail in your $25 initial payment to FairShare to reserve your spot.

4. What if I don’t have an HMO rebate?

That’s okay. We encourage those with health insurance to utilize any rebate benefits available.

5. What if my income is too high?

If you feel that you are in need of the Partner Shares support, you are invited to apply. We will contact you to discuss the details of your application and your individual situation.

6. How do I know how much I am going to pay (my payment plan or my co-payment amount)?

FairShare will send you a confirmation letter or email indicating the amount you owe toward your share and how much assistance you are eligible for, once we have received your application, farm sign-up form and your $25 initial payment.

7. Why do I need to pay a $25 deposit?

We request a $25 initial payment to reserve your spot in the program. The $25 will be applied to your co-payment.

8. Can I use SNAP/FoodShare/Quest/EBT to pay my $25 deposit?

No. You may use cash, check or money order. SNAP benefits may only be used to pay for food purchases within 2 weeks of when you will receive the food. Since you need to sign-up with your farm before the growing season starts, we request a $25 initial payment to reserve your spot in the program.

9. How do I know my application has been received?

  • If you fill out an online application, you will receive a confirmation email. Please be sure to check your spam folder!
  • If you fill out a paper application, we will be in touch with you to make sure we have all the materials required to process your application.
  • You may also contact the FairShare office to inquire as to whether your application has been received or to check on the status of your application.

10. Can I use my SNAP/FoodShare/Quest/EBT card?

  • Yes. Co-payments may be made using one check paying your full balance due; using multiple, post-dated checks to set up a payment plan; and using your Quest card, completing offline food vouchers for each payment throughout the season.
  • You can complete the offline food vouchers to confirm your payments and submit all payments up front. During the growing season, we will debit your Quest card once per month using one voucher per month to complete your payments.

11. What if I don’t have SNAP/FoodShare/Quest/EBT?

Co-payments may be made using one check paying your full balance due or using multiple, post-dated checks to set up a payment plan.

To find out if you qualify for SNAP, contact the FoodShare helpline (877-366-3635) or go to GetAQuestCard.org.

12. Can I pay my co-payment amount up front?

Yes. We encourage you to pay for your balance due in one check.

13. Who do I make the check out to?

Make checks payable to FairShare CSA Coalition and mail them to 303 S. Paterson St. #1B, Madison, WI 53703.


FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition