Share Cost

The cost of CSA shares vary by farm and by share type.  The average cost of a 20-week standard vegetable share is approximately $550.

Partner Shares provides financial assistance toward 50% of share costs, up to $300 per year towards CSA vegetable shares.

  • Share price less than $600:  Partner Shares assistance for up to half of the share cost
  • Share price greater than or equal to $600:  Partner Shares maximum assistance available is $300.

Participants are responsible for paying the remaining portion of the share cost.  All payments must be completed by October 15th each season.  By submitting your Partner Shares application, you accept the responsibility for paying the entire balance due to FairShare CSA Coalition, and the responsibilities of being a good CSA member including picking up your CSA share each week.

Due Dates

All payments must be submitted before your sign-up with your farm can be completed.  If you withdraw your application, or funding is no longer available, FairShare staff will void and discard any checks.

  • With application: $25 (check or cash)
  • By July 31st: At least half of co-payment due
  • October 15th: Full payment due

We accept SNAP

Partner Shares CSA Payment Options:

Applicants must submit a $25 initial payment (cash, check or money order) to reserve your spot in the program.  The initial payment will be applied to your balance due.

Submit all remaining payments to complete farm-enrollment.  Your sign-up will not be completed until we receive all payments – see options below.

i. Single Check: Send a check, payable to FairShare CSA Coalition, for the total amount due with your application.  You do not need to submit a separate $25 initial payment.

ii. Multiple Checks: Create a payment plan, completing half of the payment by Jul 31st and the full payment by October 15th.  Remember at least $25 of your share is required with the application. All checks must be written, post-dated, and mailed with the application.

iii. SNAP/EBT Card: To use your SNAP benefits, we will process a portion of your share payment each month through October.  Due to USDA Food & Nutrition Service guidelines, we will not be able to deduct the full payment at one time.  The $25 initial check or cash payment is still required with the application, and you can pay the rest of the share using your SNAP/EBT account.

On the application, indicate which date each month your SNAP/EBT benefits renew (for example: 3rd, 9th, 14th, etc.). We will debit your account on the date indicated, or up to 5 business days after.  All payments must be completely paid by October 15.

SNAP/EBT card payments are processed on a monthly basis from May to October. A confirmation payment plan will be sent to you upon receipt of your application and deposit, along with paper SNAP vouchers for you to complete and return to FairShare.  Please review the payment plan, complete all of the vouchers with your signature, and return the vouchers to us within 1 week.  We will not be able to fully process your application and sign you up for your farm share until these signed vouchers are returned.

iv. Multiple Methods. You can pay for part of your share by check and part of your share with SNAP.

FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition