High Meadow Farm LLC

High Meadow Farm LLC

Member Since: 2010
Main Contact:
Meg, Mike and Matt Kelly
N6967 South Lane Johnson Creek, WI 53038

Custom Shares and Home Delivery 

High Meadow Farm is located in Jefferson County, WI.  We grow top quality, certified organic produce and eggs.  We offer 3 share sizes of customizable weekly produce boxes.  Home delivery is also an option for members within our delivery areas! We also offer work-place CSA deliveries to businesses that are interested in CSA as part of their employee wellness programs. In addition, our farm also provides optional soy-free egg shares, delivered bi-weekly, from our pastured chickens!

Delivery sites:

Our convenient delivery sites are to Madison’s east side (near Olbrich Gardens) and to the communities of Cambridge, Lake Mills, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Johnson Creek and  Watertown. We also deliver to Hartland,  Oconomowoc, and Waukesha.

Connecting with our members

As the great variety of produce that we grow progresses through the seasons we ensure that our members are provided with all the information that they need to identify, use, store and enjoy their weekly box of beautiful produce.  We welcome and look forward to member visits and offer several opportunities to spend time at the farm at our gatherings, events, and you-picks for wild berries or extra produce when available.

Our share season begins in April with a 4 week spring share and then our 20 week customize-able summer shares run June through mid-October.  We also provide winter storage and greens shares starting in November.  Join us for another exciting year of delicious food and become a member of our community farm!

FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition