Luna Circle Farm

Luna Circle Farm

Member Since: 1995
Main Contact:
Tricia Bross
N2765 Severson Road, Rio WI 53960


Farmers Market

Farmers Market

At Luna Circle Farm I have been raising organic vegetables for over 25 years. I raise unique varieties of vegetables as well as common favorites. Heirloom tomatoes, tomatillos, salad greens, cucumbers and herbs are some of my specialties. Each season is a different growing adventure that I love to share with members.

My goal at Luna Circle Farm is to grow delicious, high quality produce in the most ecologically and socially responsible manner. We do most of the work by hand. We harvest and clean the produce at the perfect time to insure that the veggies are at their best when they get to your dinner table.

At Luna Circle Farm I think you should be offered a choice in the veggies you eat. Maybe you love kale, but another member would prefer broccoli. Or perhaps you have picky eaters or dietary restrictions in your household. To help you get exactly what you want to eat, I have created a Market Share. With this share you come to my farmers market stand and pick out the veggies you want to eat. This is a great way to get exactly what your household needs and wants for the week. No need to come every week. Come when it fits your schedule.

Luna Circle Farm is well known at the Dane County Farmers Market on Saturday. Look for the purple awning on Mifflin Street near the Pinckney Street corner. Starting in 2018, I will also be selling at the Wednesday morning farmers market on MLK Boulevard.

There are two share sizes for the Market Share, $300 and $500. You can use the market share at my stand from June through November.


CSA box for 9-01-15

I, Tricia Bross, began the farm with lots of energy and a big dream in 1990. I share the farm with Riley, an active and playful dog, and Mandalay, a black kitty who amuses us with her antics. Every year a great crew joins the farm and helps with the planting, weeding and harvesting.

FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition