Member Since: 2012
Main Contact:
Caleb Trainor, Farm Director
4382 Hickory Rd West Bend, WI 53090


Wellspring is a certified Organic Farm and CSA, as well as a nonprofit Education and Retreat Center whose mission is to inspire and teach people to grow, prepare and eat healthy food. In so doing, we transform food systems and build community. Wellspring has been a CSA since 1988, and certified organic since 2002. We love to grow nutritionally dense produce that delivers the flavor you crave in your favorite veggies. All of our vegetables are USDA certified organic and grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.


As a shareholder, you receive 20 weeks (or 10 weeks if a half share) of fresh produce beginning the 1st full week of June and ending in October. Shareholders also receive a weekly e-newsletter containing information about what produce items are included in the box for that week, farm updates, helpful recipes, and storage tips. Wellspring also offers the option to extend your season with our Fall/Winter Share that runs through November. Below are our 2018 Share Options!

Full Share: 3/4 bushel box of locally grown, no GMO grown and certified-organic produce delivered EVERY week for 20 weeks (20 boxes total).

Half Share: a 3/4 bushel box of locally grown, no GMO grown and certified-organic  produce delivered every OTHER week for 20 weeks (10 boxes total).

Community Share: Receive a Full Share at a discounted rate with the commitment to work TWO 4 hour shifts on select days. This is a popular option that allows you to harvest your own food and build community. 

Small Share: We often hear that the Full Share is too much food for some of our shareholders, so we’re adding a new smaller share this year! Receive one 1/2 bushel box of produce every week. You receive less at once making it easier to use, takes less fridge space, and it eliminates the hassle of remembering which week to pick up. (20 boxes total).

Market Share: Not sure if these traditional CSA options are right for you, but still want to support your local farmer? This option is the same ”pay ahead’ concept as the others, but instead of a weekly box, you receive farmers market credit at a discounted rate that is then used to purchase Wellspring veggies at the West Bend Farmers Market. We will also be adding a market in Milwaukee. Stay tuned! 





FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition