Westridge Organic Produce

Westridge Organic Produce

Member Since: 2010
Main Contact:
Jake and Kim Jakubowski
26820 Kasts Lane Blue River, WI 53518


DSCN2047 Join us for the 2018  season! Our organic family farm is located in beautiful southwest Wisconsin’s driftless region, among the beautiful rolling ridges and valley’s. We are a family run, 36 acre farm. Our shares come packed with clean, high quality nutritious veggies all grown on our organic farm. We have over ten years of growing experience to provide our members with a bountiful season of beautiful nutritious veggies. Join us for the full season, beginning in  spring with fresh greens from our Spring Share, followed by an amazing 20 week summer share! We offer different share sizes to choose from to fit your needs, each month we also provide a custom made newsletter from the farm with farm growing news and crop updates. And a weekly newsletter with helpful storage tips, whats in the box and recipes for your share. We hope you’ll join us this season and experience with us all the delicious veggies of local seasonal produce.

Share Options

                                                                                                                                       Summer Share, 6th box July 12th 2017

                            Spring Share, 3rd box May 24th 2017                 

 Spring Share: 5 weekly boxes,  early greens like spinach, lettuce, green onions, radish, salad turnips and more: May 3rd – May 31st. $125.00

Standard Share: 20 weekly 3/4 bushel boxes with 8-12 different vegetables, great variety each week, feeds a family of four or more, June 7- Oct. 18, $625.00

Bi-weekly Standard share: 10 – 3/4 bushel boxes, delivered every other week, 8-12 items per box, June 7th – Oct.18th, $350.00

Half Share: 20 weekly 1/2 bushel boxes containing 5-8 items each week, Our most popular size share, nice variety and manageable amount for most families, delivered every week June 7 – Oct. 18, $450.00

Bi-weekly Half Share:  10 – 1/2 bushel boxes, delivered every other week, 5-8 items per box, June 7th – Oct. 18th, $250.00

Thursday Pick-up Site Locations

1. 1600 Landmark Dr., Cottage Grove (Johnson Health Tech North America) 2:30-5:00

2. 303 S. Paterson, Madison (Fairshare CSA coalition office building, east side Madison) 1:30-7

3. 2711 Allen Blvd. Middleton (Harbor Wellness Center) 1:30-7:00

4. 5121 Hackney Way, Madison 3:00-7:00 (far east side)

5. 911 Ridgewood Way, Madison 3:00 – 7:00 (between St. Marys hospital and the belt line, just off park St.)

6. Wisconsin Medical Society, 330 E. Lakeside St. Madison(Employees only)

7. Morgan Murphy Media 7025 Raymond Road (Employees only)

8.Uniek, Inc. 805 Uniek Drive, Waunakee 1:30-5:00 (Employees only)

8. Meister Cheese Co., Muscoda 11:00-4:00

9. Timber lane Coffee Shop, Boscobel  11:00-4:30

FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition