CSA Open House treats

A family of four good vegetable eaters typically enjoy the amount of veggies they receive in a 20-week standard vegetable share.

Ready to sign up and receive a box of farm-fresh vegetables each week?  Here’s how:

1. Eligibility

Read the eligibility guidelines and confirm that you qualify for Partner Shares Program funding assistance.

2. Choose a CSA farm and a vegetable share

To help you determine which CSA farm and share is best for you:

Once you have selected a farm, visit the farm’s website for the CSA sign-up form from the farm or sign-up online.

3. Determine a payment plan

Choose a payment plan on the Partner Shares application, indicating payment by cash, check or SNAP/EBT.  Full payments must be completed by November 31, 2018.

4. Complete & submit application

Sign up Online: Complete your application online, mail (or email) your farm sign-up form, and mail your $25 initial payment to FairShare’s office.  The $25 payment will be applied to your balance due.

By Mail: Complete the following forms:

  1. Partner Shares Application (printable version)
  2. Your farm’s sign-up form (contact your farm directly to obtain their sign-up form).
  3. A $25 initial payment to reserve your place in the program. Please DO NOT mail cash.

Mail all documents to the address below:

Partner Shares Program
c/o FairShare CSA Coalition
303 S. Paterson St. #1B
Madison, WI 53703

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Carrie Sedlak at (608) 226-0300 or carrie@csacoalition.org.

FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition