Intern with FairShare

Intern with FairShare

Intern Application Information:  

Interns commit to a regular schedule for at least 3 months, depending on the position.  Intern positions are open to students and community members able to commit to a regular schedule for the duration of the internship.

Current internship opportunities: 

Partner Shares Program Internship (January – May 2019). Applications due Friday, November 2nd.

Please contact carrie@csacoalition.org with any questions or if you’d like to volunteer.

Beth & Lauren, two of FairShare CSA Coalition’s former interns, both now operate their own farms.

FairShare’s interns play a critical role in our work.  You will become immersed in the local food movement through supporting FairShare’s outreach and education efforts, helping ensure that Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is accessible to all households and strengthening the community of family farmers in Southern Wisconsin.

“Connecting with people who put in the extra work to afford local food, the farmers who work to produce healthy food, and everyone involved in connecting growers and eaters at Fairshare was very inspiring.”
— Clare McKinley, Spring 2014 Intern

Through this internship program you are encouraged to attend relevant conferences, workshops, and meetings for increased awareness and networking opportunities. You will gain valuable community organizing experience and contribute to critical programs that work to build the strength and vitality of our local farms and to increase access to good, healthy food.

“I was able to learn about all aspects of working at a nonprofit that wears many hats.  I was able to see if I enjoy fundraising, event planning, communications, volunteer management, and many other things! I also appreciated how I was able to make projects my own and pitch an idea and run with it. My time as an intern at FairShare will be very valuable in my future work because it helped clarify what I am interested in pursuing and gave me a strong foundation of professional skills. ”
— Maggie Warren, Summer & Fall 2016 Intern
FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition