Farm Feature: Lovefood, LLC – FairShare CSA Coalition

Farm Feature: Lovefood, LLC

A farm update from the polar vortex – Lovefood LLC, Stoughton

David, Abby, and Soleia Bachhuber at their new farm property

Winter on the farm brings time for reflection on the past year and planning for the coming season. The general mood is total excitement. This past year, we were able to buy land near Stoughton and certify as organic immediately. We transitioned from our rented land at The Farley Center Farm Incubator around the end of May, built a greenhouse at the new place and put in a cooler and we were off and running.  The new farm feels amazing and we were thrilled to be in the ‘getting to know you’ phase of farming there.

The coming year is going to be all about solidly landing at the new farm… getting our structures in place, nerding out on procedures and learning a little more about the natural ebbs and flows of predominant, animal pathways and of course, flood prone areas. We’re also going to be adding a full size tractor to the mix and even a more permanent area for washing and packing veggies! All these changes are like manna from heaven. Each step helps the farm to be more of what it wants to be and makes our collective lives easier.  

As we sit in the polar vortex doing the sort of planning that ideally happens in sub zero temps, the 2019 season is already happening. The foundation is being laid for our first FULL year at our new farm and spirits couldn’t be higher.

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FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition