New Executive Director Carrie Sedlak Begins January 2019 – FairShare CSA Coalition

New Executive Director Carrie Sedlak Begins January 2019

We are excited to share some BIG FairShare news with you. After nearly 7 years at FairShare CSA Coalition, Executive Director Erika Jones is moving onto her next chapter.

Erika and Jessica Jones at Giant Jones Brewing

Jones and her partner, Jessica, recently realized their dream and opened Giant Jones Brewing, LLC. “I was greatly inspired by the many entrepreneurs I met through my work at FairShare – small farms working hard to improve our local food system. We want our (soon-to-be certified organic) brewery to also be an example of a small business making a community-wide impact,” Jones shared.

During her time with FairShare, Jones secured two major USDA grants and worked to develop and strengthen relationships with key partners and supporters across the community and sustainable food movement. Jones said, “It has been an honor to work at FairShare alongside passionate colleagues, farms, partners, businesses, and CSA members.”

New Executive Director Carrie Sedlak

We are excited that FairShare’s board of directors has selected Carrie Sedlak as the new Executive Director, beginning January 2019. Sedlak brings her expertise in the public health and food systems world, experience managing many FairShare programs including the Partner Shares Program and Bike the Barns over the last 3 years, and her deep love for CSA to this role.

“It is a joy and honor to be a part of the vibrant FairShare community that is dedicated to ensuring the vitality of small farms, organic and sustainable production, and that fresh food be available to all,” said Sedlak. “I am thrilled to step into this role, and I look forward to building upon the great work that the small, but mighty FairShare team has accomplished over the decades.”

FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition