The Nuts and Bolts of CSA Sign-Up

The Nuts and Bolts of CSA Sign-Up

another_shareHow do you choose your farm? Follow this process:

1. Do your homework

Become familiar with the farms in your community by reading about farms offerings and their philosophy in our Farm List.  A good way to start? Find out  which farms deliver to a location near you (step 2!).

2. Use the Farm Search Tool and Pick-Up Locations Map

Explore share types with the CSA Farm Search and find pick-up locations convenient to your home, workplace, gym, or school  via the interactive Pick-Up Locations Map. If you prefer to pick up your food at the farm, you can also search the map by farm location. Do you plan to attend your farm’s events? Consider how far you are willing to travel as you choose your farm.

3. Contact the Farmer

As you narrow your search, visit each farm’s website (listed in their FairShare profile) and Facebook page, and then contact the farm if you still have questions. (Farmers welcome inquiries from potential members!) Think a lot about the type of experience you want by joining a farm. What’s important to you? Community? Veggie variety? Read back through the farm’s newsletters for even more detail.

4. Sign up!

Once you make your decision, fill out the farm’s CSA sign-up form (located on the farm’s website), and send a check to start receiving fresh food and priceless farm and cooking information.

Need help?

Still have questions? Email to info@csacoalition.org or call (608) 226-0300.

FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition