There are 54 FairShare-endorsed farms located across the state of Wisconsin.

FairShare farms grow their own food.

As a CSA member the relationship to your farm and farm community cannot be understated. There are many ways to get food; choosing to join a CSA Coalition farm means committing to a top quality farm and farmer, investing in a small family business and sharing the risks and benefits of farm membership. For us CSA is not a marketing model or a business scheme, it is a way of life. CSA means that a community of growers and eaters enter into a relationship, pledge to carry out their end of the bargain and in turn will share in the bounty.

All FairShare farms have been through a peer-reviewed application and interview process to ensure their ability to provide the highest quality foods and customer service.

Fifty-four FairShare-endorsed farms serve the greater Madison, Milwaukee, Dubuque, Twin Cities and surrounding areas. FairShare farms follow the basic CSA model and offer a variety of crops and fresh food items.

If you are choosing a CSA for the first time please read Choosing A CSA Farm before you begin your search. Consider which farm will best meet your needs and expectations.

View the FairShare endorsed farm list. Click the name of the farm to view more detailed information and images. You may also search the farms catalog by using the ‘QUICK FARM SEARCH’ box on the right. Click ‘Custom Farm Search Page‘ to search for specific farm features.

If you are a farmer interested in being endorsed by FairShare, please review our application materials and process!


FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition