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Garden Cart Designed and built by Tim Zander of Emerald Meadows Farm, this welded cart is adaptable to be moved by hand, bike, or tractor with a parts list.

Tractor-Drawn Sprayer This tractor-drawn sprayer vastly reduces the time required to spray vegetables compared to a backpack sprayer.

Solar Panel Volume Savings with H&H
Thinking about installing solar panels on your farm? This brochure from H&H gives cost estimates and explains how their volume savings program for farmers works. Farmers that participate get a discount and a donation is also made to FairShare.

Spring Rose Growers Coop Youtube Channel
Hmong and Spanish language videos about building a low cost cooler, building a low cost hoop house, and more!

Farm Hack
FarmHack is a resource for farmers who embrace the long-standing farm traditions of tinkering, inventing, fabricating, tweaking, and fixing things that they broke. Open to farmers of all ages, it has special relevance for young and beginning farmers, who may want to learn from their peers’ and their elders’ successes, mistakes and new ideas. Currently FarmHack is set up as a blog for farm inventions – submit yours to farmhack [at] youngfarmers[dot]org.

Electric G Conversion
From Ron Khosla, inventor of the Coolbot, complete parts lists and instructions for converting a G to run on batteries alone – no gasoline needed.



Building a Low Cost Packshed & Cooler This document outlines the design and construction of a low-cost packshed and cooler for diversified vegetable growers, based on a series of workshops hosted by The CSA Coalition and The Gene Farley Center for Peace, Justice, and Sustainability in May 2011.

Walk-in Cooler Design A University of Kentucky publication detailing how to construct a well-insulated walk-in cooler. A parts list is also available.

USDA Portacooler An older design for a portable cooler, but extremely useful and even easier nowadays with a Coolbot and rigid foam insulation instead of manually rewiring an A/C and using less-effective polyurethane.


Grower Infosheets

FairShare farmers write fact sheets for other farmers about a variety of topics, including lots of information on equipment and tools! The PDFs of the fact sheets are available on the FairShare website here.


FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition