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Pasture & Grass-Fed

ATTRA Resources on Rotation Grazing
The ever-useful ATTRA website provides a wide variety of resources of livestock management. This page discusses rotational grazing and provides links to other ATTRA livestock publications on multi-species grazing, pasture management, organic transition, and nutrient cycling.

Forage Resources – University of Wisconsin Extension
An older, but information-rich website on topics including pasture management, water systems, fencing, animal health, and weed control.

Grass-Based Dairy Studies
Several studies conducted by Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Management researchers with Altfrid and Sue Krusenbaum to evaluate their seasonal, grass-based dairy operation, including pasture productivity, profitability and rotational grazing.

University of Vermont Livestock and Grazing 
There is a lot of information available from the University of Vermont Toolshed series including pricing, regulations and whole animal buying guides.

Energy Conservation for Livestock and Poultry Production Webinar
This SARE webinar covers ideas to reduce energy (and costs) while keeping animal well-being in mind.


Grower Infosheets

FairShare farmers write fact sheets for other farmers about a variety of topics, including livestock. The PDFs of the fact sheets are available on the FairShare website here.


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FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition