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Compost & Soil Links

Cornell Waste Management Institute
Tons of factsheets on composting, including testing your compost.

Building Soil Organic Matter
This PDF from CIAS gives background on soil organic matter and discusses different materials to use to build it.

Web Soil Survey
This website allows you to select an area of land and retrieve soil related data about it.

Compost – Wisconsin DNR
This website explains rules about composting in Wisconsin and has links to all the compost-related fact sheets the Wisconsin DNR makes.

Natural Resource Conservation Service
The NRCS works with landowners on conserving soil and other natural resources. To find a local office, go to this part of the website. They also have a new tool called COMET Farm that allows farmers to estimate the carbon stored in the soil, and how different farming practices increase or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Cover Crops

Cover Crop Videos
10 farmers describe innovative cover crop techniques (living mulch, over-seeding, etc) in this series from University of Vermont Extension.

Midwest Cover Crops Council
This website has links to cover crop research in Wisconsin including a case study of cover crops at JenEhr and the Sommers farm.

SARE Cover Crop Topic Room
Lots of resources from SARE on all things cover crop!


Grower Infosheets

FairShare farmers write fact sheets for other farmers about a variety of topics, including soil. The PDFs of the fact sheets are available on the FairShare website here.


Books & Printed Resources

Organic Soil Fertility Management. Steve Gilman. 2002
Compost, Vermicompost and Compost Tea: Feeding the Soil on the Organic Farm. Grace Gershuny.
The Soul of the Soil: A Soil‐Building Guide for Master Gardeners and Farmers. Grace Gershuny. 2008
Advacning Biological Farming. Gary Zimmer. 2011
The Biological Farmer. Gary Zimmer. 2000
Building Soils for Better Crops. Fred Magdoff and Harold Van Es. 2000
The Rodale Book of Composting. Deborah Martin and Grace Gershuny. 1992
An Agricultural Testament. Sir Albert Howard. 1943
Soil Resiliency and Health: Crop Rotation and Cover Cropping on the Organic Farm. Seth Kroeck.

FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition