FairShare CSA Coalition works with CSA Growers and Eaters.

In 2010, FairShare participated in more than 25 community events and coordinated more than a dozen grower training events.

We work to strengthen connections and provide resources that help people access CSA shares. Through our Partner Shares Program, we can offer financial assistance to limited-income households for purchasing CSA vegetable shares; and we help new CSA members find the right farm for their family.

With growers:

We are a strong, collaborative network of CSA growers. Together with our farms, the Coalition works to set a high bar for quality member communication and meaningful connections to farms, farmers and food. The Coalition’s Farmer Training Programs facilitate resource sharing and inspire innovation.

With the greater community:

Though our primary focus is on CSA Growers and eaters, we work in close collaboration with our organizational partners to ensure that CSA is one link in a strong local food chain.

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FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition