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 Training and Education for     aspiring managers (TEAMS)

Sarah, Apprenticeship Manager


Sarah Janes Ugoretz  (she/her), Diversified Vegetable Educator

Contact Sarah to learn more or to be added to Farmworker Network - a nation-wide (and beyond!) listserv connecting individuals working on farms for discussion, problem-solving, and peer learning and support. 

“The TEAMs program gave me confidence in the leadership skills I already had, taught me new tools for handling conflicts, and gave me common language to use with our Assistant Farm Manager. Our Assistant Farm Manager and I learned what each other’s management styles were, how we like to make decisions, and how we handle conflict. Since the training, our team has run smoother, we are able to understand and respect each other's styles, and we can better lean on each other's strengths.”
- Jessica, TEAMs participant 

Hired farm managers play a crucial role on diversified vegetable farms. While having their production, maintenance, and organizational skills dialed in is a major part of the job, farm managers do so much more. They motivate and lead other employees, they support a positive workplace environment, and they keep tabs on unhealthy conflict - all while working closely with the farm owner to support a sustainable farm business. Created in partnership with farm managers, this 4-part series will provide current and aspiring farm managers with the foundational and practical skills they need to succeed. 

Farm Managers as Leaders:

With support from their emotional intelligence skills and different leadership styles, this session explores how farm managers can put their leadership into action on the farm.

Communication and Delegation:

Communication plays an essential role on the farm. This session provides tools to help you strengthen both your verbal and nonverbal communication skills - including during times of stress and when it comes to delegating responsibilities.  


Delivering and Receiving Feedback:

Feedback is essential for learning and improvement, but it can be difficult to give and to receive. In this session, you'll gain practical tools to help you become more comfortable identifying which type of feedback is appropriate in a given situation. We also discuss tips to help you prepare to invite, receive, and respond to feedback when others share it with you. 


Recognizing and Addressing Conflict:

Unhealthy conflict doesn't tend to resolve itself, and when left unaddressed, the consequences can be far-reaching. In this session, we explore the different ways in which we react and respond to conflict. You'll leave with concrete tips on how to work through and ultimately resolve unhealthy conflict on the farm. 

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 Meet the Trainers!


Farm Manager Trainers:

  • Sarah Bell (she/her), Farmer & Advocate in Birmingham, AL

  • Abby Benson, Field Production Coordinator at Featherstone Farm in Rushford, MN

  • Kaitie Cosmos (she/they), Urban Farmer at California Farm and Garden in San Diego, CA

  • Rue Policastro (they/them), Field Manager at Owl's Nest Farm in Upper Marlboro, MD

  • Federica Ranelli (she/her), Farm Manager at Troy Farm - Rooted in Madison, WI

  • Fresh Roberson (they/she)Farming Chef at Fresher Together, Beaverville &  Chicago, IL 

  • Katie Willis (she/her), Assistant Farm Manager at Jones Valley Teaching Farm in Birmingham, AL

Program Staff:

  • Sarah Janes Ugoretz (she/her), Diversified Vegetable Educator at UW Extension and FairShare in Madison, WI

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