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Thirteen years ago, FairShare CSA Coalition organized the first Bike the Barns, a day of biking, farm tours, and gourmet food. Proceeds from the ride benefited FairShare’s Partner Shares Program, which helps low-income families afford farm-fresh veggies.

We wanted to make this amazing day of on-farm fun accessible to everyone. So, in 2017 we launched the first annual Bus the Barns to provide a non-cycling option. As a Bus the Barns rider, you get to enjoy the same farm tours, gourmet local food, and live music, plus special on-farm activities designed just for you! Join us as we bike and bus to ensure food for every family.


The bus tour will start and stop at Fireman’s Park in Columbus, Wisconsin, which has a gorgeous historic pavilion and great green space for lounging before and after the ride. The first half of the route winds its way through mixed fields and forests to the northwest of Columbus, with a few nice sections along state wildlife areas with lots of wildlife. The second half of the tour is through mostly agricultural lands with some gently rolling hills. Participants will visit 4 farms along the route.

Interested in biking the route? Hop over to the Bike the Barns page to learn about the bike option.



Registration for Bus the Barns is $65.

Bus the Barns riders are welcome to fundraise beyond this.




Registration for Bike the Barns is $135.

Choose between two route options.


For more information online, check out our FAQs page.

Still have questions?

Call FairShare at (608) 226-0300 or email bikethebarns@csacoalition.org.


“I just love this event. The food, getting to tour the farms, riding through the countryside with friends.” ~ 2017 Bike the Barns Rider

Photos courtesy of Light and Life Photography

FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare CSA Coalition