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Full Circle Community Farm

Our family farm is located 25 minutes northwest of Green Bay, WI. Andrew, Heather and Scott recently began their journey to be a part of the positive change in how food is grown, while respecting the land and water around us. The farm where we raise our food has been in Andrew's family for generations. His parents had the farm certified organic back in the 1990's when they were raising grass-fed, dairy cattle. The farm currently is diversified with many dozens of vegetable varieties, an ever-growing flock of hens for eggs, pastured pork and grass fed beef cattle. Full Circle Community Farm sells at local farmer's markets, has a growing CSA membership and sells wholesale to SLO Farmers Co-op. We enjoy hosting on-farm events open to the public, because we believe that the future of the family farm is dependent on engaging and educating the community around us.





Standard - Enough to feed a family of 4


Weekly: Delivered every week, usually for about 20 weeks from June through October, Every Other Week: Delivered every two weeks, Worker Share: Work in exchange for your CSA share. Most farms require ~a 4-hour weekly commitment in exchange for a standard share, Custom Swap: Members will get a farmer determined share unless they switch out any/all items through an online swap system (using points or dollars), then pickup their individual box from a drop site

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