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Pine Grove Pastures

At Pine Grove Pastures, we’re bringing back the small diversified family farm. Nearly all our members live within 20 minutes of the farm. Considered small by CSA standards, we serve only 35-50 families in a limited market. This, however, is our best asset. Because we’re small we personally know and interact with all our members not only during the growing season but also in the community on a regular basis. With 40 acres of pristine Northwoods land, we raise organically certified vegetables, 100% grass-fed beef, and organically fed pastured pork. Our mission is to bring the best possible food we can to our family and yours… because food matters! You know and trust your mechanic, your doctor, your dentist, and your banker, but do you know and trust your farmer? We hope you’ll join us in the best eating around!





Standard - Enough to feed a family of 4, Small - Enough to feed a couple, or a family with young kids, or a family that cooks a few nights a week


Weekly: Delivered every week, usually for about 20 weeks from June through October

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