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Roots & Shoots, LLC

Our small family farm is committed to each family having an incredible CSA experience. We focus on certified organic core vegetables but also enjoy introducing beautiful unusual vegetables you can’t find in the store. Our weekly newsletter lets you know what you are receiving in your share and provides you with many delicious recipes and information.

We are tucked into the bluffland between Baraboo and Prairie du Sac, and shares can be picked up at the farm or at pick-up sites in Baraboo and Prairie du Sac.

We offer canning classes, potlucks, maple syrup, skincare products, and much more!



Prairie du Sac


Standard - Enough to feed a family of 4


Weekly: Delivered every week, usually for about 20 weeks from June through October, Every Other Week: Delivered every two weeks, Worker Share: Work in exchange for your CSA share. Most farms require ~a 4-hour weekly commitment in exchange for a standard share

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