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Roots Down Community Farm, LLC

2019 will mark our twelfth season as a FairShare sponsored farm growing quality food for local families in the greater Madison and Janesville area. With just over two acres under cultivation our operation is quality-driven and locally-oriented providing personal care in the growth, handling, and delivery of our produce. We deeply value the direct relationship we have with our CSA members and families as an integral part of the farm and its yearly cycle. Your commitment as a member allows us to properly prepare and focus on growing quality organic crops each season and provides you with the bounty of our efforts. Our shares are available in four sizes: standard (large 20 wk), basic (small 20 wk), bi-weekly (large 10 wk), and market share ($200 increments) to suit your family’s unique needs. We strive to supply you with quality and variety offering around 40 crops in over 100 varieties each season. Work shares and other employment opportunities are also available as well for those seeking a deeper engagement with their food and farm. We hope as members of our farm you will join us for on-farm events to connect with your food and farm as well. Informational resources on identification, recipes, nutritional information, and storage will also be provided to members through our interactive website and weekly on-line farm newsletter. For more details or to sign up on-line please visit us at


East, West, Downtown

Fitchburg, Oregon, Janesville


Standard - Enough to feed a family of 4, Small - Enough to feed a couple, or a family with young kids, or a family that cooks a few nights a week, Market share


Weekly: Delivered every week, usually for about 20 weeks from June through October, Every Other Week: Delivered every two weeks, Worker Share: Work in exchange for your CSA share. Most farms require ~a 4-hour weekly commitment in exchange for a standard share, Market Share: Members get a credit at your market table and buy what they want, up to that credit, over the season

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