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Two Onoin Farm

We raise delicious organic apples in our southwestern Wisconsin orchard. Our apple varieties include a range of flavors far beyond what you will find in the supermarket! As a CSA member, you will receive deliveries from mid August to early November. You choose your share size (small/medium/large/extra-large) and delivery schedule (weekly or biweekly), and you can specify a preference for tart or sweet apples. Cancel or reschedule deliveries to meet your needs. Optionally, you can order extra #2 grade apples (for juicing or making sauce) or buy our delicious applesauce and apple butter. At most of our delivery sites, you can pick up vegetables from another CSA farm at the same time as you receive our apples.


East, West

Middleton, Fitchburg, Platteville, Belmont


Extra Large - Enough to split between households or have extra produce for preserving, Standard - Enough to feed a family of 4, Small - Enough to feed a couple, or a family with young kids, or a family that cooks a few nights a week


Weekly: Delivered every week, usually for about 20 weeks from June through October, Every Other Week: Delivered every two weeks

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