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Celebrating national apprenticeship week!

As the leader of the first registered apprenticeship for organic vegetable production in the country, we are excited to be celebrating National Apprenticeship Week, November 13 - 19, 2023!

National Apprenticeship Week is a nationwide celebration where employers, industry associations, labor organizations, community-based organizations, workforce partners, education providers, and government leaders showcase the successes and value of Registered Apprenticeship.

We asked a few of our current apprentices and farmer educators what they value most about the program, and here's what they had to say:

What does apprenticeship mean to you?

• To me, apprenticeship means accessibility to learn and diversify skills from a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Being able to learn while actively doing the trained skill everyday is beyond helpful in establishing rooted knowledge. - Laura Seleski, 2023 cohort at Gwenyn Hill Farm

• Apprenticeship means an opportunity to spread the amazing role of veggie growers to more folks! To teach is also to learn and the value of one’s own farm is only increased through opportunities like this. - Robyn Calvey, Farmer Educator at Park Ridge Organics

• To me, apprenticeship means hands-on learning in a positive and welcoming environment where I can ask all of my questions.

• This program is a unique opportunity to get experience at the manager level. Being formally partnered with an experienced farmer gives apprentices the confidence they need to forge ahead in this industry - especially during a time when many farms are going under. - Brian Randall, 2022 Cohort at Gwenyn Hill Farm

• Apprenticeship means an opportunity to teach and watch new farmers grow. It pushes me out of my comfort zone as an educator and I find that I’m learning too! - Laura Mortimore, Farmer Educator at Orange Cat Community Farm

FairShare's Organic Vegetable Farm Manager Apprenticeship Program provides paid hands-on training that benefits producers and apprentices alike. Through this 18-month, competency-based program, apprentices work with experienced farmers to develop their skills and learn the ins-and-outs of what it takes to run a successful farm business--from seeding and transplanting to sales, marketing, leadership, and so much more!

What began as a cohort of 3 in 2021 has grown into 20 active farmer-apprentice pairs in 2023! If you're interested in helping more future farmers get connected with this awesome resource, here are three ways to do so:

  1. Share this blog post about the program! Tell folks why you're excited about supporting the future veggie growers in our communities.

  2. Make a gift to FairShare! Your contribution ensures the next generation of farmers can get the tools and training they need to thrive.

  3. Email Sarah ( with questions or comments! We're always happy to talk about our work.


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