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Fairshare's Expansion into Ohio

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

I joined the FairShare team in late May, bringing with me the array of food system experiences I’ve had over the past 24 years in Ohio. Whether it be through my work as an organic CSA farmer, farmers’ market manager, local, state, and federal policy advocate, food access program developer, or local food business entrepreneur, I have been engaged with Ohio’s growers and technical assistance organizations throughout the course of my career. I am thrilled to be working directly with vegetable growers and CSA farmers in this role, and look forward to expanding the network and delivering FairShare services in Ohio.

With FairShare having strong, established relationships already existing in many of the states in the Midwest, and a handful of enthusiastic supporters of FairShare’s work located in Ohio, Ohio was targeted for intentional cultivation through the hiring of a remote staff person in the role of Ohio Program Manager.

In 2021, FairShare was awarded a Regional Food System Partnership Grant through the USDA. The funding received from this grant will support:

  1. Establishing a Network of technical assistance (TA) providers serving direct market vegetable growers across the Midwest,

  2. Building a participatory Network of Midwestern direct market vegetable growers.

  3. Connecting growers to the services of the Network, and

  4. Providing growers with opportunities to add value to their products and improve financial stability through recognized certifications and endorsements.

Some of what I’m looking forward to doing in the upcoming months include: Working with farmers in hosting grower gatherings to develop camaraderie and informal skill sharing (dates are in the works, so stay tuned!); sharing information around the support FairShare provides to CSA practitioners and serving growers who wish to become FairShare farms; engaging growers and technical assistance organizations with the Midwest Vegetable Growers Network; promoting CSAs to consumers in Ohio through educational marketing, workplace CSA support, Partner Shares promotion, and exploring the potential for health insurance rebates for CSA members.

If you are a grower (or a consumer!) in Ohio and are interested in learning more or connecting around this work please reach out to me at

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Good on FairShare for hiring the best possible person for this job! Congratulations to you both and looking forward to see what this fantastic partnership will "produce". 🤭

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